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We hope to keep this page as up to date as possible with a list and photograph (where we have one) of each of the slings we have for hire. Our library is small but growing based on the demands of our clients. We rely heavily on donations (THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED!) and the hire fees that come in so we can afford to buy new (and second hand) slings for the library.

This list is up to date at time of publishing. Please note there may also be additional slings for hire on the day which belong to our personal stashes or may be new carriers to the library!

More Info:

  • £6 for two weeks hire
  • £10 for 6 week hire for stretchy wraps (newborns)
  • Longer hires available on request
  • Can rehire via Paypal

**Stretchy Wraps (Up to about 6 months old)**

**Buckled Carries in “standard” size**

Preference for buckled carriers is very invididual, so it’s worth trying a few at sling meet. On some the straps can cross on the back when you’re wearing your child in a front carry, and on some they go “rucksack style” with an accessory clip over the top of your back to hold the straps together.

The Lilebaby is great for the summer as it’s a thinner mesh fabric, whilst just as supportive as the other similar carriers, whilst the Connecta has a non-padded waist band and is less padded overall which means it folds up really small and can be adjusted for a smaller baby. Some have small-baby size inserts too.

**Toddler size carriers**

The ABC is a more structured carrier, whilst the toddler size Connecta has an unstructured wasit and unpadded pannel.

**Half buckle carriers and Mei Tais**

The babyhawke mei tai has standard straps and is reversible whilst the Hop Tye and Storchenwiege have wrap straps. The Storchenwiege and the Papoozle have buckled waists, and the Papoozle is made from stretchy fabric.

**Ring Slings etc**

The Wrapamore muslin ring sling is great for the summer as it’s a thin but supportive fabric. There are two main different styles of shoulder- the pleated shoulder and the gathered shoulder. It’s personal preference in terms of which one is “best”.

**Woven wraps**

The wraps are all 100% cotton except for the Oscha which is 50% Linen 50% Cotton. However, the cotton wraps all feel very different and have different wrapping properties. The length of wrap you use is usually based on the kinds of carry you’d like to do.Wrap Your Baby have some good advice on choosing the size for you!



Manduca zip in/ sling rings/ suck pads/ Ergo baby insert/ Lilebaby back support


Bundlebean Babywearing Cover

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