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To celebrate European Babywearing Week 2018, we have decided to do “spotlight” post to focus on some of the underloved or overlooked carriers in our library. We’ve recently had a huge stock shakeup too, so these posts will hopefully tell you a bit more about the variety of slings we have in stock.

Today our ‘try something different’ spotlight is on Meh Dai carriers.

Meh dais comprise a rectangular fabric panel, with four long ties which can be used for front and back carries.  Some are made of woven wrap material, others are plain cotton and some traditional carriers are made from silk.  The ties can be fairly thin with or without padding, or thicker and made of woven wrap fabric (wrap strap meh dai).  The ties are wrapped around the parent and child and tied using simple knots for a secure carry.  One pair of ties makes the waistband, and the other pair of ties are the shoulder straps.  Some carriers called half buckles are similar to meh dais, but the waistband is buckled instead of tied with knots.

We have a number of meh dais in the library including a brightly coloured Bebe Sachi wrap strap in standard size, Mamaruga in standard size (which are made from a stretchy fabric and actually buckle rather than tie but fit similar to a meh dai), our new woven Luna meh dai and Storchenweige half buckle.  We also have a toddler sized Opitai which is a wrap conversion carrier.

I love meh dais because I find simple knots easier than buckles- I find buckled carriers often don’t quite fit me perfectly whereas meh dais are completely adjustable to my shape.  I also often find buckles difficult to tighten, requiring pulling at funny angles or some degree of contortion.  The fabric of meh dais tends to be very soft which I also really like.  With a little practice meh dais are very quick to use-  quicker than a woven wrap, but with similar levels of comfort, adjustability and mouldability.  Meh dais tend to have no or little padding which makes them very compact for travelling with.  Despite this, the Opitai wrap conversion meh dai remains hands down the comfiest sling that I have ever used.  And I’ve tried a few…

Meh dais originated in China many years ago.  My husband was carried by his grandmother or mother in a traditional Chinese meh dai until about 3 years old.  And his mother and father before that. As carrying your baby goes, meh dais are an important part of family heritage for my daughter.  My most used and loved sling of all time was my Babyhawk meh dai.  It was chosen by my mother in law when visiting the family for an extended period as most similar in style to a simple traditional Chinese meh dai that she knew how to use, though tied differently.  It was used by the whole family as our go to sling for well over a year.

Meh dais are often overlooked in the library.  Despite having a range of meh dais of different styles suitable for all ages, people tend to fall in love with buckles or wraps.

So this European Babywearing Week “hire one get one free” sling meet on 18th May, why not take a look at our meh dais?  Chat to a peer supporter to find out more out them and take one home.  You might just surprise yourself and find your new favourite sling.