Sling Meet Dates


We currently meet every other Friday at Birch Hill Community Centre

(Leppington, Bracknell, RG12 7WW)

Upcoming dates for 2017:

2017 dates4.jpg

7 thoughts on “Sling Meet Dates”

  1. Hello
    I am planning to attend your next sling meet. Do I need to know the weight of my baby?

    He is nearly 2, we are going abroad on holiday and I would like a sling. I am thinking of something structures rather than a wrap and one where I could carry him front and back – not sure if that exists!

    Do you have something that you think may be suitable? I would be looking to hire it for the month of June.



    • We definitely have lots of suitable things for you! Don’t worry about exact weight, that tends only to be an issue with little babies. Look forwards to seeing you!


  2. Paula baker said:

    I love carrying my son in a wrap and do so all the time but feel he is getting a bit big so I am keen to purchase something that will be better suited but don’t know where to start! He is 8 months old.
    Could I come along to your meeting this Friday to a seek your advise and b possible hire something to try out? I will also have my 2 year old with me is that ok?
    Thanks Paula


  3. Priyanka said:

    How to contact you. Do we need to book in advance for the sling meet. And how can one do that? I would like to attend the next sling meet want to try on few different style and possible would like to hire one.


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