Been a while since the last post- the hazard of a library staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers!

Today I wanted to find the time to sit down to talk about a local wrap brand that recently started up and the wonderful fun that we’ve had, as a library, getting involved with the brand. In addition a number of our volunteers have had the opportunity to host a travelling wrap, have been involved with a photoshoot for the brand or have tried the wrap we bought for the library, so they have all contributed to this review.

Sycha Slings launched at Carry on London, a sling show sponsored by Connecta which ran back in November 2016. However, we have been lucky enough to watch much of the process of setting up a new wrap brand from the sidelines due to the owner of the company being one of our local consultants who often kindly volunteers for our library too.

-Sycha Slings-

Sally Sycha (also known to many as Sling Sally) is a trained consultant, runs a postal sling library and is now the owner of Sycha Slings on top of all that. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in babywearing started her off on the journey of creating this brand. From there, her enthusiasm to enable as many people as possible to babywear, her strive to support UK business where possible and to donate 5% of all wrap sales to a range of different charities has her pegged as an ethical choice in the babywearing community.


We love the 5% from wrap sales going to named charities!

Caroline, Library Volunteer

Sally’s wrap designs are fun and lighthearted, with careful colour choices to complement the patterns. There are two lines- the Main Line which starts at just £64 including UK postage, and which are woven in Turkey from 100% organic cotton. These are in three whimsical designs- Retrobots, Frogs and Prehistoic, all of which come in two colourways. Both are on a bright sky blue warp- the Autumn colourway has a deep shimmery copper weft and the Spring colourway has a majestic emerald green.

I think the colours of both [Spring and Autumn Sky) are unusual and beautiful. Lovely contrast between right side and wrong side which I love as I’m a sucker for a pretty carry that shows both sides of the wrap.

Caroline, Library Volunteer

The Studio Line are woven in the UK from 100% Egyptian Cotton, and are a little heavier than the Main Line (290gsm to 235gsm) and 10cm narrower at 65cm wide. This comes in a much loved “Space Bears” theme on a galactic purple warp in Sunlit Pulsar (gold) and Starlit Pulsar (silver) wefts. The Studio line feels denser and plusher, with a real cush on the shoulders.

It is very very easy to wrap with, very forgiving and comfortable.

Andrea, Library Volunteer.

Sycha slings also sell beautiful twiddle necklaces from Monkey Mama and Lilith Loves Henry which you can match to your wrap choice, plus scrap packs, cowls and clever branded tote bags that fold up into a little poppered pouch.

As a library, we purchased a size 6 Prehistoric Spring Sky to add to our woven wrap collection.

Size 6 are popular with parents and caregivers that are new to wrapping- despite their sometimes daunting length, they are an excellent introduction into the world of wraps. With the very budget friendly prices, we decided that this was a good way for parents to try wrapping and then have an affordable option if they were to want to buy in the future.



Our Prehistoric Spring Sky is 235gsm, which is a great midweight wrap. It’s started a little stiff, but after a few wears and a wash it’s already showing signs of becoming a wonderfully  squish-worthy wrap. The colours stand out well against the other wraps in our library and really complement each other to create the vibrant design.

I really like both the two colourways that the mainline wraps come in, and I especially ❤ the ferns and dragon flies! So glad we have one in our library!

Jenny, Library Volunteer

Some of the features we’ve found really useful to use them for teaching wraps include:

  • Distinctive railsss1

All the Sycha Slings wraps have rails that are really easy to tell apart. On the Prehistoric, the bottom rail has the fern design along it and the top rail has dragon flies. This makes it great for teaching people who are new to wrapping, or learning a different carry, because it’s easy to see if you’ve accidentally flipped the rail somewhere.


  • Distinctive sides

Due to the style of the weave, the pattern is equally clear on both the “right” and “wrong” sides of the wrap, plus the colours are really contrasting. This makes it great for any wrap jobs that show off both sides, or that have a simple shoulder flip- there is no wrap job that looks bad in this wrap!




  • Two middle markers

This is quite a personal thing, but we LOVE wraps with a middle marker on each rail! It makes pretty much all wrap jobs easier and makes folding easier too!

  • Size on label

The wrap size (6 in this case) is included as a small extra label next to the main one. In the case of our library, it’s easy for all us volunteers to forget which of our (growing) stash of woven wraps is which size- so this is a great way for us to keep track, and we wish more brands would do it! It also stops people accidentally selling on a wrap as the wrong size.

I found it great for rucks when learning with having the easy middle marker. I liked that it was nice to wrap with and gripped quite nicely once tied off.

Jenny, Library Volunteer

Since purchasing the wrap back in November, it’s been used for numerous demonstrations and practices, and had a fair few hires too. We’d love to add a Space Bears wrap into the library too but we need to hold out for the next weave as there may be some blends in the future, which would suit out customers down to the ground!


The wrap didn’t feel like it needed breaking in at all as was soft from new. It is easy to wrap and glides easily over itself for multi-layer carries. It is also nice and wide, which I like.

Caroline, Library Volunteer   

So if you’re looking for a bargain price, ethical, beautiful wrap either for your library, consultancy business or your own collection, you’d be hard pressed to do better than supporting this fantastic family business.

And you can do so on their website here: