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One of the great things about running the library is having the opportunity to help people.

When my sister in law told us she was pregnant with her second child, we were delighted for them, and one of my first thoughts was about how she would have enough hands for a 3 year old and a newborn at the same time! I offered to buy her a sling to help with her being handsfree, if it was something she wanted to try. We discussed the different options for a newborn baby. Sarah had tried a stretchy wrap previously, but as she’s quite small framed, she got a bit lost in all the fabric. So I suggested a caboo, which is very popular both in our library and with parents who come to our meets with their own slings.

A standard stretchy wrap is piece of fabric which has either one or two way stretch. It’s usually around 5m long by about 50cm wide. The wrap is pre-tied around the body a number of times, nice and tight, then you pop the baby in, spread the fabric over your babies back and then make final adjustments. Some people find this process a bit fiddly, and although you can get stretchy wraps in a shorter size from a few brands including Hana Baby, it can be quite long and end up getting dragged on the floor.

Some people prefer the caboo, as rather than having to tie the wrap onto your body to get started, you simply slip the ringed piece over your head. The carrier is constructed with the same kind of fabric as a standard stretchy but it has a sewn in cross on the back and the fabric also crosses over the body at the front then runs through rings which sit at the hips. This means less fabric and some find it easier to tighten up.


I put together this  instruction how to for my sister in law to ensure she had some good information as we wouldn’t get to see her and baby until he was 8 weeks old.

(apologies for manic stare and the fact I’m in my pajamas!)


I was really pleased that when Sarah’s baby was born, they started using the sling almost immediately!

I was keen to try a sling with my second child so I could do things with my first child like hold her hand or change her nappy.

Using a sling means you can have your hands free and has helped make life easier.

I had tried a couple of slings with my first but not really got along with them so I knew what I wanted and didn’t want.

With this knowledge Clare was able to choose a sling for me and show me how to use it and I’ve been using it lots


Of course when we visited this week I had to try the stretchy out for myself, and had some lovely cuddles with my nephew. I even wore him for around an hour at the BabyGym class we took our kids to, and it meant I had my hands free to play with my son and niece too.


And of course he fell straight asleep.

This is just one story, we love sharing the positive comments from the mummies and daddies (and Aunties!) we help!