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Hi all

Long time, no post (almost a month!)

Sling meet and library are going well, and we love joining forces with the Bracknell NCT who now run their bumps, babies and toddler group at the same time in the hall- which means lots of fun toys for all pre-school ages!

Recently we ran our logo competition and had some really lovely entries (see below) from some very talented artists both within and outside of the Bracknell Sling Meet group.

logo entries

In the end we chose Rumana’s design (below) which we felt was really beautifully simple and would reproduce well, which is key for a logo.


Rumanas design was sent off to American Artist and Photographer Erin Poyner who cleaned it up for us and kindly designed us an image to use as a banner for our site and social media (and maybe printed publications in the future too).


Erin was new to the concept of babywearing but this image really represents all those wonderful feelings when you carry your baby close to you- she really understood what babywearing means to us!

We have made a donation to Erin for her dog Ziggy’s recent surgery as a thank you for her work. You can also donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/ziggydog and for donations over $50 she is offering a customised pen & ink drawing in the beautiful intricate Zentangle style .