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Recently the library was lucky enough to receive in the post a pale pink size six Pure Baby Love wrap to play with for a while. Pure Baby Love are a relatively new company based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) who produce beautifully soft 100% cotton wraps. They currently have pale blue, pink and grey in stock and more recently a purple and a darker blue tone, with “mint” on the way soon.

We were lucky enough to see one of these wraps back in June when Sling Sally brought the tester she’d been sent to our Sling Library, and were excited about having one to try ourselves.

I’ll echo what I’ve said before, for a 100% cotton wrap it’s beautifully soft and floppy but still quite a decent thickness and weight.  Despite being a single colour, non-patterned wrap, the weave is really pretty up close, and the colour is just perfect. I’m not a pink person at all, but I was strangely drawn to it’s powdery but not sickly pinkness.

Wrapping wise, its very supportive for a 14kg toddler, who I wrapped in both a fwcc around the house when he was sleepy, and a christinas ruckless on my back when we popped out to visit a friend. He slept easily in the front carry and was very comfortable for us both. It was relatively easy to tighten with enough grip to hold the passes as I was tightening it up.

The back carry was almost weightless, with a nice amount of give to encourage a good seat and to be comfortable on the shoulders.

At €75 it’s a bargainous wrap which would suit both a new baby with it’s softness and bigger toddler alike, and great for those new to wrapping as it’s easy to adjust and quite forgiving (even with my dodgy wrap job).

I look forwards to seeing the new colours and hope that we might buy one for the library one day!

You can buy yourself a Pure Baby Love pastel wrap here on their website and find out more on their Facebook Page