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Hi all, sorry it’s been a quiet month or so.

Sling Meet

Sling meet has been going really well and the library is blooming! The admins had a weekend of sorting out finances to ensure everything adds up and to look at future costs. We are getting upwards of 8-10 hires each fortnight, so we will be needing to stock up on a few more carriers soon.

Busy sling meet

Busy sling meet

At our last meet we had the lovely Lou who runs Little Aardvark Bookstore come along with some of her beautiful books for sale. Check our her facebook page and take a look at the wonderful range of books she has for all ages.


We now have a number of volunteers and the librarians trained up by Born To Carry as Babywearing Peer Supporters, by the lovely Sophie Messager who travelled down from Cambridgeshire to run a course for us in July.

Some of our (non trained) volunteers

Some of our (non trained) volunteers

Weighted Demo Dolls

We have also acquired a slightly terrifying weighted babywearing doll. These are really handy for expectant parents to try their hand at wrapping, for parents who come to sling meet but their babies sleep for the whole session or even those who just want to practice on a doll first. It’s about the size and weight of a 2 month old baby, which makes it very hard to practice back wrapping with, but it’s a really invaluable addition to our library!

I'm sure the outfit I chose didn't help!

I’m sure the outfit I chose didn’t help!

Pixie from Newbury Sling Library sourced the dolls at a wonderful discount price, and Bracknell Sling Library helped disseminate them to all our neighbours who purchased them. This meant we got to play with them for a while which was fun. Clare even had a go at tandem wearing with her size six Ocha wrap with two of the dolls together (apologies for the workout gear!).

Our doll has just been named “Pippin” after a competition within the group, and he’s looking for a new and less scary outfit!

Coming Up

Looking forwards to our next Guest Q&A blog- keep your eyes peeled for this one! Babywearing Royalty!