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What goes into a sling meet? I’ll try to talk you through this week!

Around 11:30am Clare double checked the stock and paperwork. Gemma printed some more hire forms, TICKS guidelines and terms & conditions of hire and she arrived early to set up before heading off to work. Clare and volunteer Jay arrived early to finish setting up the room. Lindsey who runs Newbury sling library also came along to help, bringing two weighed dolls and a selection of her slings and wraps.

Just after 1pm the parents started arriving. There were 7 slings due back (6 of which arrived, one being picked up tonight) so they were checked over and signed back in whilst each hirer was asked how they got on with the sling and were given advice about what might suit them based on their experience and preference. Jay reluctantly returned the hop the which she loved, and Gemma R wanted to try something new having loved the Storchenweige half buckle. Some new people came along too so they were asked if they’d used any slings before, how old their baby was and what kind of use they wanted to get out of the slings before getting more  specific assistance.

Gemma R helped her cousins’ friend with a stretchy wrap for her young baby whilst Clare helped Jenny with her Manduca for Jenny’s 22 month old toddler. Lindsey showed a number of mummies how to use ringslings whilst Caroline and Clare demoed and helped a few mummies try wrapping for the first time with a front wrap cross carry and talked size, blend and different carries.




Between 1 and 2:45 (ran over a bit!) There were 6 hires including one longer length hire to cover a holiday plus Caroline borrowed some sling rings to try with her new size two wrap and Melanie hired both a wrap and the smaller baby zip in insert for her Manduca.

It took a while to clear up and get all the tables and chairs away but it was all done and dusted by about 3:15.

After getting home, Clare double checked the finances to ensure that they tallied up with what we were expecting as per the paperwork (phew they did) and then sat down with a cup of tea and a biscuit! Though she’ll be heading it later to pick up the last sling due back.


So if we mix up the names-  Gemma usually looks after the stock and finances and we have a mix of different volunteers helping out each week- this is pretty standard. Bracknell sling meet  runs once every two weeks and is entirely not-for-profit. It’s a community affair and run entirely by volunteers!