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Lovely endorsement from a fellow sling mummy!

Harmony Osteopathy

I mentioned at the Birthmatters café how slings/wraps/carriers can be lifesavers if you have an unsettled, refluxy or just a very cuddly baby.  Many parents will find themselves cuddling, rocking, bouncing and dancing with their baby for more hours than they knew existed in a day.  This can all be made easier using a sling as it spreads your baby’s weight across your body, meaning less neck and shoulder tension – even when they’re tiny, keeping this up for long is still exhausting.  It also gives you both hands free to do something else as well (like open the wrapper to that chocolate bar that’s going to get you through til your partner steps up to do the next stint of baby soothing!).

Not all carriers are equal

Carriers that are good for your back and for supporting a baby well need to:

  1. give the baby a wide base of…

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