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Gemma has been thinking about babywearing and the kinds of questions we get asked, like “Are expensive slings better than cheap ones?”…..

I have been having a think and I’m going to liken Babywearing to buying and wearing shoes.

Some shoes are cheaper like Primark, and some are more expensive- the Gucci of the carrier and wrap world.

Some pinch, some are too big, some end up never being worn outside of the house but all should be tried on for size.

I’ve never bought shoes I haven’t tried on, even in the shop, but still I have a cupboard full of ones that are not quite right.

Then I have my favourites- The ones I wear day in day out.

It’s exactly the same with wraps or buckles.

I’ve tried quite a few – ok lots but not everyone is right for every situation. I don’t wear Manolos to Tesco, and I don’t drive in flip flops.

I suppose to summarise: not every buckled carrier or wrap will suit every person.
Not everyone can afford the big brands but with trial and error there IS something out there for everyone to enjoy babywearing.


Pretty powerful message and a great analogy that our sling meet enjoyed!