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I wanted to share some of the positive comments from the sling meets over the past few weeks. It really shows us that this is a good and important thing that we’re doing. We might not quite be experts yet, but we could see a real gap in availability of slings to try and to meet other parents who used slings locally. I think we are both very proud of what we’ve achieved in a short time!

James hasn’t been back in a pram since first time wrap at the meet. Freedom is taking just a stroller instead of a big double pram. Thanks guys

Rebecca who got some advice on using a stretchy wrap

Thank you so much Clare and Gemma for all your help today. Got Anna all wrapped up very easily at home and OH thought it looked very supportive! And the wrap is so pretty!

Megan who hired two different wraps to see how the blends differ, and perfected her FWCC at the meet!

Wanted to add my thanks to Gemma & Clare for all your help with tiny Mylo in his Moby stretchy wrap yesterday. It made such a difference & I can’t wait to practice the technique you showed me. Wrapping him properly really is like a big cuddle! Xx

Melanie who got advice about getting her stretchy wrap comfortable

Thank you and Clare – both of you are absolutely amazing, helpful, inspiring and so welcoming! I’m so happy I met you both

Liz who is getting the sling bug and trying them all!

James was happy all afternoon didn’t take 2 mins to rewrap him after feeds and he didn’t want to be put down when we got home

Rebecca who got help with her stretchy wrap