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I’m Sarah, Mum to almost 4 year old Finley, just 2 year old Zachary and my “diddymost” is Eliana who was born on New Years Day.

About Me:
I work full time, unfortunately, as Deputy head of a girl’s boarding house in a state boarding school. I also run the school’s Equestrian Team. My job is more a way of life (as in I’ve had 2 days off in the past 5 weeks) so babywearing means I can keep my babies close to me at work, with horses and at home.

Family day out

Family day out

How did you get into babywearing and did you plan to wear your baby when you were pregnant?
I always liked the idea of babywearing. I brought a red kite narrow based carrier when I was pregnant with Fin as that was all I saw! Unsurprisingly it was uncomfortable and I didn’t use it often. When I fell pregnant with Zac I’d learnt a bit more and brought an MNS mei tai. I loved it! Then with Eli I wanted to wrap. I’m so sad I didn’t wrap my boys! We have a little stash now and we’re loving it. We are completely addicted! I still use my mei tai with her too for things like the preschool run.

Out and about

Out and about

What’s your favourite wrap/carrier you’ve ever owned and why?
At the moment I’m loving my lenny lamb sunrise rainbow bamboo blend. It’s full of sleepy dust and although a 7 it’s weightless and so cushy! We’ve just got it and it’s definitely love!

If money were no object, what wrap or sling would you own?
I think I’d just keep buying lots of different ones! I dye my own wraps too and I’d love to do more of this. I’m shortie curious at the moment! I’d also love a wrap strap mei tai when Eli is a bit bigger.

What do you like about babywearing?
That closeness, the feeling of unity and the snuggles! Plus with my manic life having my hands free!!
A great positive for me is also having them at your height to show them things and help them explore their surroundings. I’m always nattering away to Eli when she’s wrapped! I’ve also loved making friends through it, through Facebook groups and sling meets.

What do or did you find hardest about babywearing?
It can be frustrating when a wrap job isn’t quite right but I also love it when, after practice, it goes perfectly!
I think it can be hard when other people don’t understand it too…. those looks in the supermarket that we’ve all seen! In saying that though, some people have surprised me and asked me about it or made positive comments about it. I’ve also recently discovered that another Mum is wrapping her baby because she sees me doing it.

What kind of comments do you receive when you babywear out and about?
There’s definitely a mixture of opinions out there! I think I’ve had more compliments and positive questions than negative ones though. I just try to shrug off the bad ones now.
It can be difficult to feel judged but I try really hard to remember that I’m doing what I feel is best for me and my family and as Mums I think that’s all we’re trying to do anyway!

Thanks so much to Sarah for being our second EVER guest blog post and for answering all our questions. We loved having you at sling meet during the school holidays and hope you can make some of our socials outside of working hours in the future!